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Irrigation Planning & Design (IPD) is a UK based irrigation consultancy providing planning, design and project management for irrigation scheme installations in the UK, Europe and The Middle East. We specialise in landscape and sports facility irrigation systems for a wide variety of clients such as private garden owners, country estates, local and national government departments, sports clubs and governing bodies.
IPD's role is to ensure that a client's irrigation scheme is correctly designed to deliver the required results. In order to achieve this aim, thorough planning is essential. Throughout the entire project; initial brief, preparation of detailed design and specification, contractor appointment, site supervision and final testing, IPD act to ensure that the client's requirements are met and interests safegaurded. In short, IPD act as the client's own expert department for the duration of the works.

Installing an irrigation scheme can involve a significant capital investment and it is important to ensure that this investment secures the desired performance along with satisfactory longevity from the equipment installed. Contact us by telephone or Email to discuss how the services we offer are applicable to your plans.

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New clay tennis court project.

April 2008
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Project management and water feature design

March 2008
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Irrigation systems for the grounds of two five star hotels

November 2007
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IPD Provide Project Consultancy

July 2007
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